The EU4Health programme was adopted as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance crisis preparedness within the European Union, as the pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of national healthcare systems. The programme aims to contribute to addressing long-term challenges in the healthcare sector by creating stronger, more resilient, and accessible healthcare systems.

Health represents an investment, and with a budget of 5.3 billion euros for the period 2021-2027, the EU4Health programme represents an unprecedented financial support from the European Union in the field of health. EU4Health sends a clear message: public health is a priority for the EU. The programme constitutes one of the key tools to promote a European Union of health.

EU4Health brings added value at the European level and integrates the policies of the Member States that aim to achieve four general objectives, thus representing the ambitions of the programme. Furthermore, it establishes ten specific objectives that concern various areas of intervention:

  • Improve and promote health:
    • Promote health and prevent diseases, particularly cancer.
    • Implement international initiatives in the field of health and promote cooperation.
  • Protect people:
    • Foster prevention, preparedness, and response to cross-border health threats.
    • Integrate national reserves of relevant essential products in crisis situations.
    • Create a reserve of medical, healthcare, and support personnel.
  • Ensure access to medicines, medical devices, and relevant products in crisis situations:
    • Ensure accessibility and availability of such products at affordable prices.
  • Strengthen healthcare systems:
    • Enhance health data, digital tools, and services, promoting digital transformation in healthcare.
    • Improve access to healthcare.
    • Develop and implement EU legislation on health and make evidence-based decisions.
    • Foster integrated cooperation among national healthcare systems.

How to Write a Successful EU4Health Proposal?


Writing a successful proposal requires the participation and involvement of all Consortium partners. Starting from the needs they intend to address, they must collaborate in studying the call for proposals, defining general and specific objectives, developing a coherent activity plan with a timeline, and ensuring adequate financial resources.

For a comprehensive presentation of the current open calls for proposals under EU4Health, as well as the proposal drafting and evaluation process, please refer to the webinar “How to draft a Successful Proposal for EU4Health” conducted as part of the online training program by JA NFP4Health.


The NFP4Health Project

The “Joint Action – Increasing the capacity of National Focal Points (NFPs) – NFP4Health” project, funded under the European Public Health Program, aims to contribute to creating an innovative, sustainable, and cohesive network of NFPs. Its objective is to increase the capacity of Member States to design and implement sustainable actions to promote the achievement of health objectives for the period 2021-2027.

By developing and strengthening the capacities of NFPs, the Joint Action aims to provide quality access to the new EU4HEALTH Programme and ensure complementarity with other regional, national, and EU policies, funds, and programmes.





Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute – ProMIS (a network involving all Italian regions and the Ministry of Health with the aim of internationalising Italian health systems), with which I collaborate, is an Affiliated Body of the Ministry of Health in the NFP4Health Project.

ProMIS plays the role of Leader of Work Packages WP4 “Sustainability and Integration in National Policies” and WP6 “Capacity Building for NFPs”. Specifically, within the WP4 activities, ProMIS elaborated the D4.2 Report on the NFP organisational model, an evaluation activity with the participation of 26 Member States in order to map the needs, activities and roles during the implementation of previous health programmes and identify new functionalities and challenges.


Furthermore, ProMIS is leading the Deliverable D4.7 Sustainability Plan which, on the basis of the results of the various activities, will aim to outline a long-term vision of the role of NFPs and the future of the health sector at European level, with a view to continuously stimulate synergies with other relevant programmes.

Within the activities of WP6 ‘Capacity Building for NFPs’, ProMIS and the Ministry of Health launched a questionnaire with the aim to identify the specific needs of NFPs and to adapt and organise the activities of the Training Programme. The latter represents an important monitoring indicator to assess the performance of NFPs. Furthermore, the launch of the EU4Health NFPs Interaction Platform contributes to the creation of a concrete tool that aims to strengthen the NFPs network and ensures an effective communication channel.

The various training activities addressed to NFPs, to which ProMIS contributed, are available at link.


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