The PREMANI project (design, development and implementation of digital manufacturing solutions for quality forecasting and intelligent maintenance) is a project financed within the POR-FESR Veneto Region Program, where I collaborate with the company Smit Srl, which is part of the Santex Rimar group.

The purpose of PREMANI is the development of highly efficient production systems that allow the minimization of production costs and the improvement of productivity and product quality. This is one of the central themes of smart manufacturing, and in particular of Industry 4.0. High production efficiency is a necessary condition for the competitiveness of all companies, which must achieve an improvement in performance and differentiate themselves through the creation of high-quality products. Furthermore, systems with high flexibility allow companies to maintain their efficiency in spite of demand fluctuation, while at the same time reducing waste and reducing energy consumption of non-productive processes (which are also important in terms of environmental sustainability).

My work in this project is related to supporting the project activities for the company Smit Srl, in particular with regard to project drafting, budget preparation, monitoring, and financial reporting.

My services

Preparation and drafting of some project parts, preparation of the project budget, supervision of the preparation of monitoring reports, and preparation of the dossier relating to the financial reporting.

Work period

September 2018 – December 2020

Overview of the situation    

Smit Srl needed a professional to follow the management of the project, i.e. someone who managed the coordination with the technical manager, the financial manager, and their respective teams, as well as managing the preparation of required documentation. Such a professional needed to have:

  • Specific skills in the field of Euro-planning, for the preparation of project documentation requested by the coordinator and for the preparation of reporting and accounting activities.
  • The ability to work in a team with the project partners.

                My activity

                My work started with the preparation of the technical and administrative material required by the coordinator for participation in the project. After approval of the project, I continued to support the company with regards to monitoring, financial reporting, and communication activities.

                The specific activities that I have been responsible for include:

                • Preparation of the documentation and the dossier required by the project coordinator for the proposal call.
                • Planning of the activities to be carried out, as well as monitoring of these activities.
                • Preparation of project reports in collaboration with the company’s technical department.
                • Preparation of financial reports in collaboration with the company’s administrative department.


                The results

                The results of my work in this company were positive, and included:

                • Production of reports in line with the requirements of the project coordinator.
                • Production of documentation relating to the project costs incurred, which were in line with the requirements of the managing body.

                The project started in November 2017 and will end in December 2020. The experience has been positive as I have been able to follow the development of a project related to Industry 4.0 alongside a large company, viewing the evolution of innovative and technological products in the manufacturing sector.

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