The DITA (Digital Industry Training Atlas) project is a project funded within the Erasmus+ Program, and which is coordinated by Nerosubianco, a company that I cooperate with.

As already seen in this article, the goal of DITA is to foster transnational cooperation between the various training institutions and the main players in the European digital industry.

The project aims to:

  • Activate long-term cooperation structures among training institutions, programs and companies that participate in the project.
  • Create and update a “map”, i.e. an atlas, of training projects in the context of digital transformation.
  • Help project participants to choose the training path that best suits their needs.

I am following the coordination of the DITA Communication and Dissemination Work Package to disseminate the objectives and results of the project itself.

My services

Creation of the project logo, communication documents and templates, brochures and flyers, website, videos, and social media management.

Work period

From 2019 to today

Overview of the situation    

The DITA Project needed to find a professional to coordinate the communication and dissemination package. This professional needed to have the following characteristics:

  • Specific skills in the field of Euro-planning, to analyze what is requested in the proposal and prepare an implementation plan that is in line with the reports to be presented to the European Commission.
  • Skills in digital marketing, for the creation of communication material (i.e. website, brochure, flyer, presentations, and videos).
  • Language skills (the vehicular language in this case is English, even if the knowledge of other languages used by the partners is certainly useful).
  • Ability to work as a team, both with Nerosubianco (the project coordinator), and with the international partners.

My activity

To begin with, I had to identify the objectives, results and outputs defined in the project with regard to communication activities and dissemination of results. After that, I had to activate a communication plan in collaboration with the project partners (seven Partners from six different countries).

The activities and the final outputs must be in line with the plan defined in the proposal, as the European Commission will precisely control their implementation and achievement.

The specific activities that I have been undertaking include:

  • Analysis of the project and the communication plan.
  • Planning of the activity to be carried out in order to achieve the required results and outputs.
  • Coordination with the various project partners.
  • Creation of communication materials to be shared with partners for their use.
  • Design of the website (highlighting the crucial points of the project).
  • Design and planning of project videos.
  • Networking with potential targets (training organizations) in various European countries (i.e. organizations from those countries that are not formally in the partnership).

For this project, I have been working side by side with my experienced colleagues from the coordinator Nerosubianco (Andrea Jester and Riccardo Varotto), both of whom are involved in intellectual outputs, management, results monitoring, and financial reporting. The work is very fluid, and we always work together by sharing ideas and looking for approval by project partners, which makes the environment very stimulating.


The results

Since the beginning of the communication and dissemination activity there have been many good results, including:

  • The visibility of the project has improved, thanks to the website publication and sharing of information material.
  • The target users are easily reachable thanks to targeted and easily usable communication.
  • Project partners are involved in the implementation of the various activities.
  • The European value of cooperation and collaboration is guaranteed and promoted continuously.


The work is still under development, as the project started in October 2019 and will last until June 2022.

So far, the experience has been both satisfying and stimulating, thanks to the fantastic Nerosubianco team with whom I am very close. Thanks also go to the international partners, who are very collaborative and are passionately involved in the project.


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