360 G.R.A.D.I. (Generate Renewal Through Diversity and Inclusion) was a project financed by the Cariparo Foundation, in which I participated as a promoter, dedicating myself to activities related to design, monitoring, reporting, communication and dissemination.

360 G.R.A.D.I. arose from the desire to create an opportunity for participation and inclusion for young foreigners seeking asylum. The main goal was to involve the local community, schools, and local authorities in the Paduan area through an immersive theatrical show created with new technologies. Thanks to the initiative of lawyer Chiara Pernechele, the PERILMONDO ONLUS Association (which is the lead promoter of the project) welcomed the idea of carrying out this project. Additionally, AILUROS TEATRO and HIVE DIVISION Srl showed great interest in this initiative, and in fact became partners and supporters of the project.

My services

Drafting of the project, preparation of project reporting documents (e.g. activity monitoring, financial reporting), as well as preparation of the communication and dissemination plan of the project and the implementation of this plan.

Work period

October 2018 – December 2018



Overview of the situation    

The PERILMONDO ONLUS organization needed a professional with different skills for the development of an artistic-cultural project for asylum seekers.

These skills included:

  • Specific skills in the field of European planning to search for the appropriate call for proposals, partners to be involved, and for the preparation of the project.
  • Planning skills, for activities related to project reporting and reporting of expenses incurred.
  • Skills in digital marketing for the preparation of the project website, promotion activities on social media, preparation of the newsletter, contact with key stakeholders and players, and training of the PERILMONDO team to continue the activities once the project is finished.
  • Ability to work in a team.

                My activity

                My work started from the search for calls to present the project, contacting potential partners, and drafting the proposal. Once the project was approved, I carried out all the reporting and accounting activities for the expenses incurred. I also coordinated and implemented the activities related to the project communication and dissemination plan.

                The specific activities that I was responsible for included:

                • Searching for the proposal call to participate in, considering the project idea.
                • Searching for partners to set up the consortium with.
                • Preparation of the documentation and dossier for the presentation of the call.
                • Preparation of all reporting documentation for the managing body.
                • Planning and implementation of the communication and dissemination plan (i.e. creation of the project website, communication on social media, preparation of brochures and flyers, preparation of the newsletter, preparation of the crowdfunding campaign, and training of the PERILMONDO team to give continuity to post communication activities of the project).

                The results

                The results of 360 G.R.A.D.I. were positive: the project was carried out successfully and the performances were presented in more than 10 separate events. All reporting and accounting activities were well approved, and the project achieved adequate visibility, and in fact is still an object of interest and development.

                The project started in October 2018 and ended in December 2019. The experience was very rich from a human point of view, with a deeply motivated team that were committed to helping asylum seekers through various activities. 

                The project can also be considered highly innovative from the point of view of the technologies used and the social impact generated, leading the viewer to have a unique and unrepeatable experience. The project involved a group of young foreign asylum seekers in an art workshop, who gave a performance using virtual reality technology. The goal was to foster a mutual understanding of different cultures and develop greater awareness in relation to the issue of people’s mobility rights and the possibility of rebuilding a life elsewhere.

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