Life Program: funding for projects focused on the environment and climate action


The LIFE program contributes to the sustainable development and achievement of the Europe 2020 strategy objectives as well as to the relevant strategies and plans of the European Union on environment, climate and circular economy ((we have already mentioned this), by financing projects that promote:

  • a more efficient and sustainable economy, which reduces the use and waste of resources, such as energy and water;
  • the reduction of pollution, of carbon emissions, as well as the protection of the environment;
  • biodiversity protection (including Natura 2000 network support and fight the ecosystems degradation);
  • improvement of European policies related to the environment and climate;
  • promotion of environmental and climate governance at all levels, (the participation of civil society, NGOs and local actors is encouraged);

The Commission has proposed one of the biggest increases for the new seven-year period. According to the first announcements, the European Union has allocated € 5.45 billion to LIFE 2021-2027, increasing the funds by € 1.95 billion compared to the period 2014-2020.

The LIFE program is divided into 2 sub-programs:


  • Traditional Projects: two phases

– Environment and resource efficiency, concept note deadline: 14 July

– Nature and Biodiversity, Environmental Governance and information, concept note deadline: 16 July

  • Integrated Projects: two phases, concept note deadline: 6 October
  • Technical Assistance Projects: one phase, deadline 16 July


  • Traditional Projects: one phase, deadline: 6 October
  • Integrated Projects: two phases, concept note deadline: 6 October
  • Technical Assistance Projects: one phase, deadline 16 July
Life Program EU

What are the advantages of the Life Program?

Among the projects that can be financed, pilot projects are particularly interesting: to solve specific environmental problems, new prototype technologies already tested in the laboratory can be applied to real pilot plants (full scale).

Among the novelties of the Life Program:

in the case of approval, the pre-financing fee increases from 30% to 40%

– the chance of grants to third parties: the funded projects have the chance of supporting local initiatives financially (maximum € 100 K per project; maximum € 20 K per initiative). In this way, it is possible to facilitate access to LIFE financing to very small local groups that do not have the capacity to act as associated beneficiaries in the project, but could play a role in reaching the project objectives.

– a special section on start-up companies: larger companies are invited to consider their LIFE project as a potential incubator for start-ups.


Environment Innovation


What is the expected co- funding?

The co-financing for Life Projects changes according to the type of project, ranging from 55% to 75% of the eligible project costs.

Visit the official website for more info about the Life Program.


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