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Marketing & Funding

I am a freelancer in European Project Development, Marketing and Digital Marketing. I love languages and the web, but most of all I love to have a mission and transforming it in something real.

I am a versatile personal thanks to the very diverse and international experience I have gained, and thanks to the innovative projects I have realized in various fields.



After getting a degree in Sociological Sciences at the University of Padua, I decided to expand my horizons and work to the realization of European Projects and youth exchanges for the GADHU NGO by moving to Murcia, Spain.

While there, I worked as management and marketing assistant and then managing legal queries for the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

In 2013 I came back to Italy and I followed a Course in Marketing and Digital Marketing, then I started to work as international marketing coordinator for Solwa S.r.l, an innovative Start Up (Santex Rimar Group), with headquarters in Vicenza’s province. With Solwa I participated to events organized by the United Nations, the European Commission and at the HAAS School of Business (Berkeley, US).

In the meantime, I earned a Master’s degree in European Studies, with specialization in Economics, Law and Political Sciences of the European Union, at U.N.E.D. (Spain). In this occasion, my thesis focused on “Recession and sustainability: new opportunities for development”.

Since then, I worked in more than one occasional as a lecturer regarding the obtaining of European funds, both in Ragusa and for the Unioncamere del Veneto in Padua. In 2015 I worked as teacher and trainer in Vicenza for CESAR S.r.l, with a course called “Start-Up: Becoming self-employed and creating a successful business from scratch”.

During the same period, I started my position as External Expert at the European Commission in Brussels, in the role of Evaluator at the Research Executive Agency (REA). Particularly, I oversaw the Framework Programme Horizon2020 (Sme Instrument Phase I e Phase II), monitor and evaluate for the Executive Agency for small and medium-sized enterprises (EASME) and the Framework Programme Horizon2020 (Sme Instrument Phase II, Fast Track to Innovation Pilot).

The following year I carried on with my education with a Master’s degree in Europroject Management 2014-2020 at the EuropaCube Innovation Business School, in Bologna  and after as Digital Marketing Specialist at Veneto Formazione srl. The focus of this course was on Web design, web sites development, SEO text editing, E-mail marketing, Web analytics, Google AdWords, Photoshop, WordPress, Copywriting, Social web copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Blogging.

In 2017 I worked as Marketing Coordinator for Santex Rimar Group (a multinational company operating in the textile machinery field) in Vicenza’s province. Here, the principal activities concerned the preparation and presentation of direct and indirect European Projects, market research and analysis, marketing and web-marketing, Brand placement, organization of events at national and international level, internal and external communication managing.

In 2017 I started as Freelance Consultant for Europroject Management and Marketing, particularly for the preparation and managing of European funding projects (through direct and indirect funds) for Start Ups, SMEs, and NGOs. I take care of the preparation and managing of development, marketing, and web marketing plans. In the meantime, I am still pursuing my activity as teacher and lecturer, lately in occasion of an educational seminar about European Funding at RETICA | ECIPA, in Padua, relating to the Educational project RURES 4.0 – Rural Ecosystems 4.0.

“All ideas that have enormous consequences are simple ideas.” Lev Tolstoj


– Marketing: Customer service and management, Partnerships development, CRM, Strategic skills, International skills, Project planning and management, Market analysis, Brand positioning, Events organization at national and international level, Internal and external communication management.
– Digital marketing: Web design, Website development, SEO, E-mail marketing, Web analitycs, Google AdWords, Photoshop, WordPress, Copywriting, Social web copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Blogging.
– Soft skills: Communication skills, Negotiation, Public speaking, Writing skills, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Team Building, Leadership, Conflict management, Decision making, Intercultural competence, Time management, Independence
– Lingue: Italian C2, English C1, Spanish C2, French B2, German A1.
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