EUROSTARS3 is a call from the European Union, and is part of the new European Partnership for Innovative SMEs of Horizon Europe, which aims to promote the research, development, and innovation activities of European SMEs. The call aims to finance innovative projects carried out through cross-border partnerships for the creation of new products, processes, and/or services to be easily commercialized on the market.


Why participate in the Eurostars3 call?

The Eurostars3 call is aimed at financing those projects which are not currently covered by Pillar 3 of the Horizon Europe programme. Specifically, the Eurostars3 call is positioned between EIC Pathfinder and EIC Accelerator, covering those projects with a technological TRL from 4 to 6/7. These are therefore innovations that are at a state of average technological development and with a very clear business development perspective.

Who can participate in the EUROSTARS3 call?


Innovative SMEs (as project coordinator and as partners) and large companies, universities, research organisations, and other types of organisations (as partners) may participate. The consortium will be led by an innovative SME from a country participating in the EUREKA network and will be composed of at least two independent entities from at least two participating countries.


As for the costs of each project, at least 50% must be addressed by SMEs and, furthermore, a single participant or country cannot be responsible for more than 70% of the total budget.


The projects will have a maximum duration of 36 months. 

Which aspects of the project should be highlighted?


EUROSTARS3 follows the methodological approach of Horizon Europe projects, asking participating consortia to describe their innovative project highlighting the following:

  1. Quality and efficiency of the implementation: here the quality of the partners involved in the consortium is highlighted, together with the added value through the cooperation model, the project management plan, and the cost structure.
  2. Impact: this section describes the reference market and the marketing plan, paying attention to possible entry barriers, the competitive advantage of the innovation to be developed, as well as the economic, social, and environmental impact in line with Global Sustainable Development goals.
  3. Excellence of innovation: this part emphasizes the level of innovation of the project compared to the state of the art, the plan of technological development, and the possible related risks.


The deadline for the EUROSTARS3 call is set for November 4th, 2021.

Would you like further information about the Eurostars3? 


Contact me to arrange a meeting: I will be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

Sara Canella

Sara Canella

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