With this service, I start from the analysis of your idea or your innovative project, and I write the proposal so that you may obtain funding. The project is finalised after having identified the appropriate call. 

This project writing service is suitable if you have an innovative idea or project that you would like to finance, or if you have already identified the call for applications that is right for you, but you don’t know how to complete the process. 

This service has been designed for: 

SMEs that are already set up with an innovative project to be carried out (i.e. a new product, process innovation, or service innovation).

Innovative start-ups with an entrepreneurial idea to be developed and implemented.

Organizations (private or public) with a research or a social innovation project, possibly linked to the use of new technologies.

How does the Project Writing service work?

The Project writing service consists of several steps, through which I will evaluate the feasibility of your idea or project, in order to obtain potential financing. 

Step I: Fill in this form

Through the form, I will have the opportunity to undertake an initial screening on the feasibility of the idea or the proposed project, in order to assess whether to progress to the second step. For the second step, I will send you a document containing additional questions in order to complete the interview in the best way and time.

Step II: We will have a free web-call together, in order to deepen the project idea. During the web-call we will be able to understand the timing of the development of your project, evaluate possible calls for funding to apply for, and define the specifics of the project writing service that you need.

If Step II is feasible, we will move on to the third and final step.

Step III: You will receive a project writing service offer containing information about the total cost, timing of implementation, and instructions on how to proceed. At this point you can then decide whether to proceed or not. 

 How much does it cost?

The first step (form to be filled out) and the second step (web-call) are free.

The offer that you will receive in Step III changes depending on the type of calls for funding in which you will participate. These calls for funding are different (regional, national, European, with or without partnership, with grants and/or loans) and my work varies depending on the commitment required. 

The offer is composed of two parts:

  1. A fixed cost for the hours required to prepare the project proposal, starting from a minimum of €1.500-2.000 for smaller projects.
  2. A success fee to be paid in the case of project approval, starting from a minimum of 3-4% depending on the project.

Both parts vary depending on the type of call and the total amount of the practice/project.



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