With this service, I can help you to achieve knowledge and skills in European design.

This service is for you if:

You have a company or organization and you want that your team gain specific skills in European design. This training can help your team to be independent in some simple activities related to this sector.

If you have already taken a course in European design, but you need some support in the presentation of your first few projects.

Through this training in European design, I can offer you ad hoc solutions according to your specific needs. I offer differentiated training packages, both starting from the basics of European design, as well as packages that are designed to support you in project writing.

    How does the European project training service work?

    The training service can be activated in different ways:

    1. In-person training: we decide the training topics together, according to the target and the business needs. I also offer you a training package of lessons at your company or in whichever location you prefer.
    2. Distance learning: based on your needs, we decide on the training topics and the number of lessons to be carried out online. In this case it is also possible to purchase a training package.

    In both cases you will receive digital teaching materials of the topics addressed.

    How much does it cost?

    In both case 1 and case 2, the cost depends on the size of the training package:

    1. The in-person training ranges from a minimum of 1 training day for a cost of €500 (excluding travel expenses).
    2. The online training ranges from a minimum of 2 hours of training for a cost of €120.


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