With this service, I can help you to monitor the results of your approved project and carry out communication and dissemination activities.

This service is for you if :

You already have a funded project and you have to include external monitoring activities, i.e. regarding the evaluation of the achieved results compared to the expected objectives.

If you are a managing authority and you need to monitor the progress of the work that has been done.

External monitoring facilitates the follow-up and oversees the progress of the project, identifying possible corrective measures that may be needed in order to achieve the expected results.

Moreover, within funded projects it is necessary to provide communication and dissemination work package activities. Firstly, these involve making the project known, together with its expected objectives and achieved results, as well as promoting and disseminating the efficiency of the proposed solution.

The communication and dissemination of a funded project needs to follow specific rules, including instructions from the managing authority, and needs to maintain the involvement of all project partners in certain activities.

How do the monitoring and dissemination services work?

These services, which involve the monitoring and/or the dissemination, can be activated in one of two cases:

  1. During the project proposal (i.e. when the project has not yet been presented or approved). In this case, we will evaluate together the need for this service, and eventually we will include it as a project activity to be carried out.
  2. Once the project is approved (even if I did not participate in the proposal drafting). In this case, we will evaluate together the activities that must be carried out, depending on the project duration.

How much does it cost?

In both above cases, the cost depends on the number of activities to be carried out. For instance, whether the monitoring should be done, what activities are planned, any travel needs, as well as the implementation of the entire communication and dissemination package (or only of specific tasks).

Usually the basic monitoring activity starts from €1.500 and the basic communication and dissemination work package starts from € 5.000.



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