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Where Digital Marketing, European Projects Planning and Business Consulting meet, these three coordinates mark a point in space. This space is occupied by those who dedicated themselves to different fields, and have examined them on the field itself, without being scared of state borders or language barriers.

Writing projects for the European Union, managing financial and legal acts, answering to funding announcements for the financing of organizations and businesses, coordinating international marketing for companies: these activities have brought me to mature a rich experience which today allows me to be a freelance consultant, teacher and trainer, and an External Expert for the European Commission in Brussels as well.


Marketing, business plan, project management and soft skills, team building and problem solving, for companies, NGOs, Start-Ups.

Digital Marketing

Web design, SEO, E-mail marketing, Web analitycs, Google AdWords,  Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation e Blogging.

EU Funding

Project planning, development and management for EU calls (Start Ups, SMEs, Big companies, NGOs.


So many things seem easy, but they’re not. I’ve learned that by living, working, and completing many projects.

There’s a moment when an idea comes to mind, and it matures into a project. The mind keeps thinking proposals and enthusiasm brings up a smile; the haste of writing it all up makes notes almost unintelligible; the twine of shorten words hides among its ink threads errors and omissions, sometimes even important ones. Every project must be refined, verified, controlled.

This is vital for the project itself: for its approval by the Entity that will finance it, in the first place; and secondly for its performance. Not only so it may be finally realized, but also and above all so it may be a project sustainable over time.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from direct experience and a long education, I became a freelance consultant for European Project Development and Marketing. Specifically, I take care of planning and managing European funding projects (through direct and indirect funds) for Start Ups, SMEs, and NGOs, as I dedicate myself to prepare and manage development, marketing and web-marketing plans as well.

Do you have a project in mind?