EIC Accelerator: what it is and why it should be of interest to entrepreneurs


EIC Accelerator is a European instrument designed to support companies with high potential innovation projects. It is part of the context of Horizon Europe, which will be active until 2027.


The goal of the EIC Accelerator is to provide support for startups and SMEs who work to develop concepts and ideas with the potential to create new markets or revolutionize existing ones. This support can be given in the form of a non-repayable grant and/or equity investments, and also through business acceleration and coaching services for entrepreneurs who aspire to be a global market leader.


Opportunities for companies



The program is an interesting opportunity for companies wishing to carry out an innovation project in any technological or application sector: the only requirement is that these projects are carried out with respect for environment and social well-being.


Unlike other similar programs, the EIC Accelerator not only provides an initial “push” – in terms of funding and coaching – but also supports companies in the later stages of technology development and scalability.


Who can participate


The EIC Accelerator is open to the following applicant categories:

  • SMEs based in a member state of the European Union or in an associated country
  • A company with up to 500 employees, based in an EU Member State or an associated country, for rapid scale-up purposes only and for the investment part only
  • One or more natural or legal persons wishing to set up an SME in an EU country or associated country


How to get funding


In the context of the EIC program, most of the financing given to companies will be assigned through OPEN FUNDING: we are therefore talking about open calls, without predefined thematic priorities.


The choice of an Open Funding system arises from the desire to support innovation projects in various scientific fields and market sectors, while maintaining the broadest possible vision.

Environmental issues are very important: the EIC Accelerator will in fact favor projects with an impact that involves the achievement of 90% of the sustainable development goals (for more information on this, read this article).


Why ask for the help of a professional


The EIC Accelerator presents itself as an excellent growth opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises and startups that need to “push” their innovation and research projects.


As other funding methods, the process required to present and access the program is complex: often companies do not have the resources or the skills necessary to complete the procedure successfully.


This is my job: I make available a multifaceted know-how in European design and scouting, in addition to linguistic knowledge and “technical jargon”, to pave the way for companies, tracing the fastest route between the various “trends” of the European Union.


Contact me and let’s meet: I am available to answer all your questions!



Sara Canella

Sara Canella

EU Funding & Marketing

I am a freelance consultant specialized in applying for and managing European funding for companies and start-ups active in the field of research and innovation.

My work includes the creation of business plans, development plans and marketing plans aiming at applying for European calls for proposals.

My objective is to provide companies active in innovation with some concrete tools to start their projects and with my know-how to convert them into real business opportunities.