My experience in European projects for Digital Transformation


In the European scenario, Digital Transformation is one of the key issues, at the centre of many projects: one of these is the Digital Industry Training Atlas (or DITA), a project in which I am taking part at the moment as a member of NeroSuBianco team.


In this article I will describe you my experience in the project and the opportunities that it offers to European companies.

Digital Industry Training Atlas

According to a research carried out by the Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte, “the skill to digitally adapt your business is largely determined by a clear digital strategy which is supported by leaders who promote a culture able to change and invent new paths”.


We are talking about a profound and complete revolution, which involves a set of mainly technological, cultural, organizational, social, creative and managerial changes with digital technology applications in all the aspects of human society, above all for companies and factories: the latter is the target group of DITA project. The Aim of DITA project is to encourage transnational cooperation among different training centres and key players of European digital industry.

To achieve this, the project intends to:

  • Trigger permanent cooperation networks among training centres, programmes and companies which join the project;
  • Create and update a “map” of training projects active in the field of Digital Transformation: as the project name suggests, an atlas for training;
  • Help those who take part in the project to choose the most appropriate training path according to their needs.

Target audience of DITA project 

One of the key activities of the project is connecting the main groups it targets. On one side, all the experts, managers and entrepreneurs who work for SMEs based in Europe. On the other side, all the vocational training centres.


At full capacity, the project will reach about 100-160 final users and over 110 training bodies. 



My role in the project 

My work within DITA project entails the coordination of communication and dissemination work package which means to define and transfer the whole communication plan: choosing the messages to communicate, identifying target groups, defining objectives, tools and dissemination strategies to convey the message.


Among all the activities, I also coordinated the website creation where project objectives, partners and outputs are presented. In particular, thanks to DITA project we will have a tool where all the training centres for digital skills in the EU will be mapped. Indeed, my role includes the coordination of different Communication Managers (in general one per partner) and planning the work to carry out together.


Would you like further information about European projects for Digital Transformation?


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Sara Canella

Sara Canella

EU Funding, Innovation & Marketing

I am a freelance consultant specialized in applying for and managing European funding for companies and start-ups active in the field of research and innovation.

My work includes the creation of business plans, development plans and marketing plans aiming at applying for European calls for proposals.

My objective is to provide companies active in innovation with some concrete tools to start their projects and with my know-how to convert them into real business opportunities.​