Advice in innovation and digital transformation: the Alteredu  case 


What is Digital Transformation?

How does advice in this field work?


In this article I will explain my collaboration with Alteredu, a project which is particularly aimed at digital transformation.

Alteredu: a high social impact start-up

Alteredu is a start-up which was born in a small village in the province of Cosenza. Its objective is a challenging one: provide young local people with skills and certifications to make them competitive in the labour market.

In particular, Alteredu is organized as a Training Center, where any person wishing to widen their knowledge and enrich their CV can attend several e-learning certified courses.


Alteredu was created by the social promotion association Futuro Digitale, with whom I collaborated in the past. Futuro Digitale is nowadays a key not for profit association recognized at European level and a member of the Digital Skills and Job Coalition within the European Commission.

About the project


I was immediately very impressed by Alteredu staff. I could feel their passion and desire for redemption and their will to create real opportunities for young people in the Calabria region.

Furthermore, the topics they work on perfectly matched with my mission. 


In this respect, I would like to quote the words by Giuseppe Cofone, co-founder of Alteredu: “Our knowledge in this field can and must be used in the context where there is a strong need for digital transformation and for bridging the digital gap. This is the case of Calabria, the region I come from, where there is an extreme need for digital education. The Calabria region, indeed, besides being the bottom of the list in the EU for digital skills, stands at the top of EU rankings for the highest number of young NEETs ”.


My collaboration with Alteredu started with the definition of a marketing strategy, of a business plan and of a strategy for online communication with the aim of placing Alteredu as a digital Training Centre. Starting from their initial input, we have developed a business model. I followed the creation of different online communication tools: from a new website structure to the definition of a company profile and the target to reach.


Most of the work has been carried remotely, using the very same digital tools which Alteredu is willing to disseminate.




New paths, new possibilities


I chose to work with Alteredu for our shared values, for the vision of a European networking and the possibility to offer new opportunities to young people.

Every year dozens of young Europeans have the opportunity to experience in Calabria thank to the Erasmus Traineeship project. The consequences are twofold: on one side they can improve their knowledge through traineeship, on the other they make Calabria a more European and international region.


That’s not all: thank to the use of new digital skills, these new resources can offer a precious support to local companies and contribute to reducing the gap between them and the rest of Europe.


It should be noted that Alteredu is composed by a team which keeps up to date with the latest technologies, and has the objective to keep Calabria region at the same speed than the rest of Italy and, in the future, the rest of Europe.

Some of the projects the team is carrying on, are connected to this trend: OpenCoesione, aims to create an App called DemOpen, which allows any user to access the Municipal notice board of their own council, directly on their smart phones.

Another interesting project provides the use of Blockchain technology as far as sustainable waste disposal is concerned.


The latest project about to be launched is a platform that connects anyone involved with the production of traditional food and wine in Calabria with the start-ups expertise in the field of digital marketing: this is how Tipicò was created, the house of local delicacies.


The success story of Alteredu shows how starting up companies and associations can draw great benefits from the collaboration with an expert in digital transformation, and how such advantages can be transferred at local level.

And this is true, above all, when the project includes an innovation manager who shares the same values and vision.


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Sara Canella

Sara Canella

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